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Launched in 2003, Väska bags and accessories reflect the casual elegance of today's modern woman. Annica Magnusson, creator and designer of Väska, takes her inspiration from luxurious fabrics and innovative modern designs, a reflection of her Scandinavian roots. Each Väska product is a perfect blend of stylish aesthetics united with sensible functionality, allowing women to express their personal style while simplifying and organizing their busy life.

around the world
Annica studied business while growing up in Sweden, but she always had a strong love for art and design. Her career in corporate finance led her to San Francisco, along with many hours of airline miles logged traveling the world for work. During her years of globetrotting, she looked high and low for the perfect travel purse that could carry her jewelry. Inspired to fulfill her own needs for a chic and well-designed bag, she created a travel case and Väska, which means bag in Swedish, was born.

innovative creativity
Annica approaches the design of her products from a consumer's standpoint, constantly asking herself what features would she want from her bag. That philosophy leads her to create products that are not yet on the market, filling a void with a distinct signature style that marries practical innovation with fashion-forward luxury.

passion for design and quality
Before each final design for a Väska bag or accessory, a long trail of prototypes lends a big hand in perfecting the final product. Whether it's a durable mesh fabric to hold earrings securely in the travel purse, to the exact placement of a magnetic key chain in the everyday messenger bag, these handcrafted design details from the finest materials contribute to one-of-a-kind, signature Väska products.

casual elegance
The combination of silk, faux fur and durable fabrics used in each Väska bag reveal the casual elegance of the product. The functionality and design of Annica's products will 'WOW' you with surprising necessary details you can't live without, and textile color combinations that inspire you to discover your own sense of style. Sumptuous. Modern. Smart design. Luxury and sensibility at its best.


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